Company Overview

QENTA at a Glance

The Beginning

QENTA started with a focus on the precious metals sector with the introduction of digitized Responsible Gold in 2021. With multiple recognitions for innovation ESG, and Shariah compliance, QENTA brought gold into the digital age as an efficient store of value, and gave it true utility as a medium of exchange.


QENTA operates through three integrated segments: QENTA Digital Assets, offering provenance, custody, and ownership tracking of precious metals; QENTA Payments, with newly launched banking as a service and payment applications; and QENTA Capital & Risk Management, offering specialized hedging products and margin financing for soft commodities and precious metals.

The Future

QENTA’s vision is to digitize all the worlds assets and transactions and connect responsible businesses and individuals in secure and compliant financial ecosystems. We will soon launch the QENTA Marketplace, replicating our Responsible Gold™ product for soft commodities, fiat currencies, and even carbon offsets in multi-asset wallets. Geographic expansion of our Payments and Capital & Risk Management services continues through organic growth, and acquisition of new companies within the fintech vertical.