Our Core Values

Our people are our biggest asset

Our team believes in empathetic leadership, where a focus on technology innovation, global responsibilities, and talent are seen as the keys to success. We apply the right blend of communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking with increasing focus on the customer experience

Be Respectful

Embrace diversity of ideas, talents, and teams

Be Audacious

Innovate and don’t hesitate to go for big goals

Be Excellent

Execute at the highest standard, being compliant with local regulations and international best practices

Be Virtuous

Act with integrity

Be Responsible

Leave a positive social and environmental impact

Our Human Capital Philosophy

Commitment is as important as skills – we hire people that are passionate about our vision and culture.
Talent first, location second – we seek to represent the markets we serve as we build a borderless ecosystem.
Pay for performance – we retain top talent, and we help them succeed with clearly drafted job descriptions and individual KPIs.
Widely distributed equity incentive program – we grow together.